Thursday, April 15, 2010

CKC....St. Louis and Melody Ross

I got to meet Melody Ross at Archivers this past weekend while attendin CKC St Louis. I've always loved her product since Chatterbox. She has a new line GCD Studio carries. Let me tell you, it is a must have. I purchased her new tool kit. Can't wait to play with that little baby. And pretty well all her paper, embellishments etc. (bought too much....but couldn't resist). I love her product, but love the Brave Girls Club she and her sister have. You can read about that is an earlier post of mine....just scroll down. I wish my daughter, Baley, would have been able to meet her. Baley loves their Brave Girl Club daily inspirations.

Besides buying her product, there was a drawing to win her products at the Strictly Scrapbooking Booth. WHOO HOO!!!! I won. It The ladies at this booth were extremely kind and fun. If you go to a CKC Convention and they have a booth, make a point to stop and say hi and buy something from them. They carry great lines. They told me they were in the process of opening an online store. I have them listed on my side bar, so keep checking on their site. They are awesome ladies.

Speaking of awesome is Melody demonstrating her new tool.
Love it, Love it, Got it.

Some of my winnings.........such fun stuff.

This 2 page layout is from the GCD Studio Class, 6 pages in 60 minutes. And yes, we completed 6 pages in 60 minutes. And of course the product is the Melody Ross line. I'll post some more of the class at a later time. I had a great time at CKC with some old friends, ran into old friends and met new ones
Happy Thursday......I'm off to the Unity Hip Hop


Ippity Chicks said...
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Rona said...

Great pictures!! I bought her tool too - but I didn't get to meet her. How fun!!

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Hi Debbi!

Had to pop over and say hi and congrat's! You won my give away over at The Gaines Gang. Please stop by and send me an email so that I can drop this fabulous book in the mail to you.

Thanks again for stopping by and entering!

Jen said...

How fun it this?!!! And you won a prize too!!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate that you came by. I'm gonna check out Brave Girls too! Have a fab weekend!

Pryn said...

WOW!!! You met Melody Ross? That is so cool! What an awesome pic of the two of you!!! So glad you shared your blog link at SSC :) I am looking forward to seeing more of your creations!!!

I almost forgot...congrats on winning your goodies!!!

Rbarakat said...

What a darling lo!

Rbarakat said...

Hey - looking for an email for you.((hugs)) I was very touched by what you had to say about your dd and want you to know someone is praying for her. I love Melody Ross and dream about going to one of those brave girls camps!My email is on my blog if you would like to email me - I would love to know how you found my blog and chat with you a bit! I wish there was a CKC by me! Lucky girl!

pamala said...

Great pics! Love your blog header too, so lovely. Thanks for baby blog hopping with the Zutter Zisters. :)

Queen of Paper said...

I'm so happy you love Mel and the new GCD stuff.
We are going to post about this on our FB. Is that ok with you?
Check out our GCD Studios FB account on Monday :)
~H Sonboul

Emily Leiphart said...

Your layout is fabulous, Debbi! How cool that you got to meet Melody Ross and win so many of her fabulous products!

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