Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two Birthdays.......

Saturday Brant and Shelly had Andrew's birthday party. Brant's birthday was Friday and Andrew's is actually this coming Friday, but we will be out of town so they went ahead and had it early. I'm so proud of Brant and the wonderful father he is. I hope all his and Andrew's wishes come true.

As you can see Andrew and Sammi were having a blast on the four-wheeler (battery operated) Andrew got for his birthday. You can barely tell from the photo but he has his little foot and toes stretched as far as he can to make it run.

And here I am with all our grandchildren. I love this quote and think it fits this photo just perfect.

"If you think my lap looks full, you should see my heart."

Have a blessed day.....I am.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Give Away I Won....Thanks Alice

Yep, two posts in one day. I won a give away a couple of weeks ago for some scrap dots. Well, to my surprise the giver added some extras. The blogspot was http://alicegolden.typepad.com.
Check it out.

Thanks Alice. If I had more that a couple of readers I'd like to have a give away.....Might do it sometime anyway.

Great Labor Day Weekend

On my last post I was telling you about our "Big Labor Day Parade" we have every year. I finally was able to load some pictures. This is Brant with Andrew. Andrew asked PaPa if he could ride the golf cart in the parade, but when he came by where Grandma was standing, looks like he wanted me. (Luke and Jack are in the background on their four-wheeler).

Then here's my sister driving her grandson in the parade. He sat up on the car real well. Annie (his mom) didn't have to hold him down much. CJ was one of the retiring kings. Too cute. He had fun throwing candy and he could really throw it.

Miss Advance High School is Miranda, (my neice on Brad's side of the family) and her driver is Dylan (my nephew on my side of the family) Yes, they date. Can be a little confusing...but it's all o.k. They sure make a cute couple. I told you it's a small town. Oh, that's Darrin and Tess in the car, too.

And last but far from least, this is my nephew Gunnar and my Dad. Gunnar loves parades and Dad always sits with him. They are definitely partners in crime.

This was the first year Sammi wasn't in the parade and Logan was going to ride his four-wheeler but got sick before it all started, so was out of commission. Caleb, of course, decided to sit in the stroller through it all.....still too small.

Overall it was a great weekend. But probably not good for weigh-in at WW tonight. I'll let you know.

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