Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two Birthdays.......

Saturday Brant and Shelly had Andrew's birthday party. Brant's birthday was Friday and Andrew's is actually this coming Friday, but we will be out of town so they went ahead and had it early. I'm so proud of Brant and the wonderful father he is. I hope all his and Andrew's wishes come true.

As you can see Andrew and Sammi were having a blast on the four-wheeler (battery operated) Andrew got for his birthday. You can barely tell from the photo but he has his little foot and toes stretched as far as he can to make it run.

And here I am with all our grandchildren. I love this quote and think it fits this photo just perfect.

"If you think my lap looks full, you should see my heart."

Have a blessed day.....I am.


Just Me said...

Oh, debbi your grandkids are the cutest! Ok, so i can't wait now. i guess boys aren't that bad after all. lol

Linda Cain said...

Terrific shot! And hearing Petula Clark REALLY brings back memories of High School....whoa! LONG time ago!
Linda Cain

Mockingbird Hill said...

Hi Debbi...Thanks for stopping by for a visit! You must be on a "blog break"...I just took a few days off, but missed everyone too much to stay away very long!

What a cute bunch of kids...how lucky you are! take care...


Vicki C said...

Oh..you grandchildren are all just darling!
Thanks for coming by.

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