Monday, January 12, 2009

Yep, 2 posts in 1 day

Here's some pictures from Christmas Morning..........It was so much fun to watch the grandkids opening their gifts. The pic above is Andrew with his new gun that Great Grandma Clara bought him. There's just something about a little boy getting a gun at Christmas that seems right.
When Sammi comes to our house she always wants to wear my glasses and I'm afraid my "Dollar General Store" glasses will hurt her eyes. So when I found these "Attitude Glasses" at the mall I just had to get a pair for her stocking. I'm going to get her some more for Valentine's Day. They have them in pink, red and white.

Our annual picture of the kids in front of the tree. I love these pictures. Someday they will all laugh about them.

Caleb didn't know what to think of his first Christmas. I think he was a little over whelmed. It was quite noisy. He just wanted Grandma to pick him up, so after the picture was taken I did.

And then there is Logan. He's at the age where pictures are not a priority with him. When I said, "Logan let me get your picture" this is what I got. Gotta love him.

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