Friday, January 30, 2009

Logan's Basketball Team

Logan had his 12th birthday on January 17. He also had a basketball tournament that day. This picture isn't the greatest. I need a different flash for the gym. But this is his 6th grade team and the cheerleaders from his class. They placed second in the tournament.
Here's Logan with his medal (#3). He had a good birthday and is excited about being a "teenager next year" (He's so funny)
Kara (my sister) also had a birthday this month. Happy Birthday K-K. We love you.
Lots of ice and snow around here right now. Hopefully I'll get some pics taken and share with you. We don't have power at our house, been out for three days now. But we do have a generator so we are luckier than some people.
Have a great weekend

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*Scrapper-Gone-Wild* said...

hey deb! good 2 c ya today. forgot that u had a blog i need 2 add it 2 mine. i posted on mine and it had been almost a year so believe me u r not that far behind :) love ur pics on here. those grandbabies r growin up 2 fast. ashtyn said u werent @ the dance takin pics tonight :} i think it was a depressing dance though...the kids r all really worried about levi n the hosp. well i will talk 2 u later! angie

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