Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Back to Work.........

Surgery seems to be a success. I scrapped a little yesterday so things are getting back to normal. And yes Suzan, it's time you started a blog.

Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures. But in the meantime, while I was off work I went through some of my old scrapbooking books and magazines. I came across "Substance of Life" by Chatterbox. It has 25 artists that share their Most Meaningful Scrapbooks. On page 56, Nancy Bergenske shares a book about her daughter that has Lukemia and was undergoing chemotherapy. Her cover really caught my eye since I have a good friend going through chemo and a cousin diagnosed with lung cancer. Here's what her cover says:

What Cancer Can't Do......

It cannot cripple LOVE,
It cannot shatter HOPE,
It cannot corrode FAITH,
It cannot destroy PEOPLE,
It cannot kill FRIENDSHIP,
It cannot suppress MEMORIES,
It cannot silence COURAGE,
It cannot invade the SOUL,
It cannot steal eternal LIFE,
It cannot conquer the SPIRIT.

I'm sure each one of know someone that cancer has touch their life. Please remember my friend and my cousin in your prayerss

Have a good day and thanks for checking in.

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